Source code for finetune.target_models.language_model

from finetune.base import PredictMode
from finetune.target_models.classifier import Classifier

[docs]class LanguageModel(Classifier): """ A Language Model for Finetune :param config: A :py:class:`finetune.config.Settings` object or None (for default config). :param \**kwargs: key-value pairs of config items to override. """
[docs] def predict(self, X): """ Produces a list of most likely class labels as determined by the fine-tuned model. :param X: list or array of text to embed. :returns: Perplexities of each of the input sentences. """ return self._inference(X, predict_keys=[PredictMode.LM_PERPLEXITY])
[docs] def predict_proba(self, X): raise ValueError("Predict Proba is not defined for the language model")
[docs] def finetune(self, X, Y=None, batch_size=None): """ :param X: list or array of text. :param Y: Not used. :param batch_size: integer number of examples per batch. When N_GPUS > 1, this number corresponds to the number of training examples provided to each GPU. """ if Y: raise ValueError("No targets should be provided for the language model") return super().finetune(X, Y=None, batch_size=batch_size)